Welcome to the Ace Project Place! August is about getting the most out of those final days of summer. From painting tips you can use inside and out to our favorite grill accessories to try. Your destination for helpful fun starts right here! #TheHelpfulPlace


Labor Day BBQ Party at Ace

Save The Date: Labor Day Party

Saturday, August 27 11am–2pm

You're invited to our Labor Day BBQ Party on Saturday, August 27th from 11am-2pm at participating Ace Hardware locations. Enjoy demos, deals, giveaways, family activities and so much more. We love a good party and can't imagine it without you!

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Annie Hunter
Annie Hunter,
Ace's Paint Expert

5 Ways To Make Painting Easier

From prepping walls for new paint to cleaning your tools so you can use them again, enjoy some of our best painting pro tips!


Chef Jason
Chef Jason,
Ace's Grilling Expert

My Favorite Grill Accessories For These Recipes

Chef Jason introduces you to some of his favorite gear for your grill. Which is your favorite?

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