For many people, the yard is an extension of the home. But with today's busy schedules, low maintenance lawn and garden care is key to maintaining year-round curb appeal. Find the lawn and garden essentials to suit your needs at Ace Hardware.

Lawn and Garden Essentials at Ace

Ace carries an extensive line of lawn and garden equipment, tools, supplies and replacement parts to enable everyone to find what they need to properly maintain a lawn & garden.

Our shelves are stocked with garden and yard supplies for all seasons, from winter snow removal and sweeping out fall foliage, to prepping your lawn, garden and backyard for summertime fun and celebrations. Find lawn mowers, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, hand trucks and a wide assortment of power tools to tackle season-specific tasks or year-round lawn maintenance.

Looking to refresh your lawn or start a new one from scratch? We have what you need for a lush green lawn while keeping it weed and pest free. Find grass seeds in multiple varieties to help fill out sparse or bald spots, and increase the overall health of your lawn with natural fertilizers, available from trusted brands like Scotts and Miracle-Gro.

Winter Yard Equipment

Winter can be a trying time in any climate, with snow, ice and cold temperatures making home maintenance that much more difficult. But Ace has you covered with the outdoor power equipment you need to make the hard work easier.

Find snow blowers, snow throwers and shovels to help with routine and deep snow removal jobs, then shop roof rakes, sidewalk scrapers and ice melt for daily maintenance to help keep wintery conditions far away from your home.

With a wide selection of tools from top brands like EGO and TORO, Ace has what you need to get through winter with less stress. From essential replacement parts and accessories for your power tools, Ace is your go to lawn and garden store.

Garden Supplies to Encourage Growth

Starting a garden is no small task, but with the right gardening tools it can be a rewarding mission. Having a garden can help beautify your yard with colorful flowers and plants, and even give you the satisfaction of growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Get the right supplies to plant, prune and weed your way to your ideal garden in an easier and more efficient way with:

  • Gardening Supplies like hand tools, plant fertilizers, seeds, bulbs and plant starters, and plant food to help your garden thrive.
  • Animal and Insect Control products like humane traps, repellents and other essential accessories to keep unwanted guests from interfering with your garden’s growth.
  • Hydroponic Gardening supplies like potting soil, peat and plant supplements, as well as grow lights, moisture meters and heat mats to take the garden inside.

For creating and maintaining a garden, you need the right supplies. Ace has what you need to plant, prune and weed your way to your ideal garden in an easier and more efficient way.

Shop Top Brands in Lawn and Garden Care

Shop Ace for a wide selection of lawn and garden supplies near you from top brands like STIHL, EGO, Craftsman, Milwaukee, DeWalt, and more. Need help selecting the right soil or a lawn mower? Stop by your local Ace and speak to one of our friendly store associates or save time and order online to take advantage of free in-store pickup.