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About Grills & Outdoor Cooking

Impress your guests at birthdays, ballgames and holidays with juicy burgers, veggie skewers and more — all cooked to perfection on your new outdoor grill from Ace Hardware. From sizzling special occasions to easy, delicious everyday meals that you can make in minutes, Ace Hardware has the barbeque grills, smokers and accessories you need to be a true pit boss. Whether you're already a certified grill master or just searing your first steak, get all the equipment to fulfill your BBQ grill fantasies right here, and you'll be everyone's favorite host in no time.

Choosing a barbecue grill is personal. Beyond your own eating habits and schedule, understanding the many styles of outdoor grills and what each can do for you is crucial. Check out this video or browse through our buying guide for grills and outdoor cooking equipment for expert advice on how to choose the right barbecue grill for your lifestyle and needs. Learn the ins and outs of outdoor grills and what each kind can bring to the table. Then, browse our wide selection of BBQ grills and outdoor gourmet grills, read customer reviews and compare different features to find your perfect match.

Our selection of grills includes:

  • Gas grills for easy and convenient grilling
  • Charcoal grills for a traditional grilling experience
  • Electric grills for people who want or need to limit the amount of smoke produced
  • Outdoor smokers for slow cooking that combines heat, smoke from wood chips and moisture to add irresistible flavor to your food
  • Fryers and accessories for deep frying all of your favorite foods BBQ sauces, seasonings, cleaning supplies and parts.

After you've found the perfect BBQ grill and accessories to get started, make it the focal point of your backyard. Check out our ideas for creating your outdoor space. Learn how to make your grill area as appealing as possible, and get inspiration for outdoor seating and entertaining.

Your new grill is an investment that deserves to be cared for. Make sure you know how to deep clean your grill and remove any heavy residue left behind after each use. Whether you're ready for a grilling marathon or want an easy way to elevate each meal, Ace Hardware has everything you need to get cooking on your new outdoor grill.

Grilling season is in full swing. When tailgating, hosting friends or showing off your culinary skills to the family, a grill is a must-have piece of equipment. Ace Hardware carries the latest styles of grills & outdoor cooking gear to help you take your grilling game to the next level. If you’re not sure which grill is the best option for your grilling style, we’re cooking up some recommendations for the most common types of grills to help you make your decision.

3 Common Types of Outdoor Grills 

Although there are many types of barbecue grills available, finding the best fit for your cooking style doesn't have to be complicated. Here's a breakdown of 3 of the most common types of grills.

Gas Grills  

Fueled by either propane or natural gas, these gas grills make outdoor cooking almost as effortless as cooking in the kitchen. After getting the burners going and waiting for a couple minutes to preheat, you're ready to cook everything from delicious steaks and juicy burgers to mouthwatering veggies and sides. 

  • Available options like prep shelves, side burners and tool hooks take the guesswork out of preparing and grilling food. 
  • Ignition feature ensures easy lighting, time after time. 
  • Gas burns cleaner and is more cost-effective than charcoal. 
  • Increased temperature control allows you to cook food more evenly. 

Pellet Grills 

One of the most appealing things about this type of BBQ grill is that it combines the perks of both a grill and a smoker. Simply load food-grade pellets into the hopper where they'll be delivered to an auger. After setting the grill to your preferred temperature, you won't have to make many adjustments, thanks to the electronic temperature control commonly featured. Pellet grills operate by electricity and, overall, they offer impressive performance for novice and pro grillers alike. 

  • Cook meats like roasts, briskets and ribs with less monitoring required. 
  • Fuel a pellet barbecue grill only with food-grade pellets created specifically for pellet grilling. 
  • The grill automatically adds pellets to the auger and firepot as needed for a hands-off experience. 

Charcoal Grills 

A longtime favorite of grillers for many reasons, charcoal outdoor BBQ grills add rich, smoky flavor to food. These grills are available in an array of sizes and styles, and many models include wheeled stands for easy mobility. Many charcoal grills have an air intake towards the bottom that allows for manual temperature adjustment. Additional vents tend to be located on the top, and the more air that enters and exits, the hotter the charcoal will become. 

  • Available features like lid rests, tool hooks and temperature gauges offer better cooking convenience. 
  • Higher-end charcoal grills come with igniters that eliminate the need for additional lighter fluid. 
  • Once the temperature is stabilized, it usually remains consistent throughout the entire grilling process. 

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Take your cooking skills outdoor with BBQ grills and smokers from Ace Hardware. Shop online or at your neighborhood Ace for grills from top brands like Traeger, Blackstone, Weber and Big Green Egg. Then, find fuel and the grill cooking accessories you need to get started, like utensils, thermometers and more.