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Enjoy your outdoor patio furniture all year long with the selection of portable outdoor heaters and fire pits at Ace. Designed with durability in mind, our selection of outside heaters and fire pits can withstand a variety of outdoor weather conditions. When it's time to gather on your deck, porch or other outdoor hangout spot, simply light your patio heater and cozy up to its radiant warmth.  

Outdoor heaters come in an array of designs to suit your needs. Some have open flames that create a magical effect while others are designed with a heated piece to radiate warmth. For help choosing the right outdoor heater for your space, follow the guide below.

Different Types of Outdoor Heaters

Despite there being different types of outdoor heaters, most heat spaces effectively while providing an attractive design piece to your outdoor décor. When deciding among the different heaters, here is a quick rundown of what makes each type unique.

Outdoor Propane Heaters

Propane outdoor heaters have many advantages for homeowners to enjoy. Available in tabletop designs, stand up models and larger, fire pit options, outdoor propane heaters offer versatile selections to help you find the right one for your needs.

Open Fire Propane Patio Heaters

Tabletop and firepit propane heaters let you enjoy a roaring flame for an eye-catching centerpiece to any outdoor outing. Without the need for an electrical outlet like a space heater, a propane patio heater still utilizes an electric ignition switch to make your outdoor heating solutions conveniently reliable. And running an outdoor patio heater is usually less expensive than running an electric space heater.

What’s more, some electric outdoor heaters are intricately designed to play music and maintain a long-term battery charge for versatile portability.

Freestanding and Table-top Patio Heaters

While propane patio heater fire pits have a raging flame for a wonderful sight, your circumstances may call for a more subtle heat emanating from a freestanding or tabletop outdoor patio heater. These heaters are designed to uniformly spread heat using a combination of a radiant heating element and a domed structure. They’re more portable than propane firepits, do not emit open flames for added safety and help extend the outdoor season through convenient push-start electric ignition.

Just keep in mind that because they use propane, regular replenishment is necessary depending on how often yours is used.

Wood and Pellet Heaters

If you prefer a classic turn, Ace also offers a selection of wood and wood pellet heaters for greater versatility outdoors. Shop a range of wood fire pits from Living Accents, Solo Stove, Flame Genie and more for open-flame firepits with and without lids.

Typically made of steel for durable, long-lasting construction, many wood firepits utilize lids to ensure the fire is kept within its limits, keeping sparks from wandering off onto your patio, lawn or backyard.

And depending on your preference, you can choose a wood burning patio heater that gives off smoke for an iconic aroma or is completely smokeless in design.  

Shop Outdoor Heaters from Top Brands at Ace

Designing a warm and inviting ambience where friends and family can gather is an easy ordeal with our assortment of outside heaters. Whether you prefer wood burning firepits or the convenience of a propane electric patio heater, find your new outdoor heater at Ace. And to make the most of your new purchase, find outdoor heating accessories like fire pit covers, heat deflectors, grabbers and more.

Then, complete your space with the right outdoor patio furniture, including patio chairs to provide a place for guests to relax and unwind in style for hours on end.